9 Signs You Should Invest in a Vegan Diet Plan

9 Signs You Should Invest in a Vegan Diet Plan

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You haven’t misread the title. Vegan diet plans, they’re a THING. Going vegan is a treat for health and wellness but sometimes, it can seem like a hassle. When the world generally caters to a non-vegan diet, it can be difficult to feed yourself in a convenient and affordable way. If you are vegan but also a busy individual with goals and a tight schedule, you might find that a vegan diet plan could make your life a whole lot easier. Here are a couple of signs that one of these plans may be right for you.

1. You’re Eating Fast Food Junk

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day between work, kids, education and friends. While the rest of the world is frequenting the drive thru for their meals on the go, you don’t really have the same options on your vegan diet. Notoriously fast, delicious and vegan friendly, you end up with fast food fries and veggie burgers way too often.

2. You Feel Like You Are Always Cooking

Because of the lack of vegan options out there, you end up cooking ALL of the time. Preparing three meals a day plus snacks, you are starting to feel like a slave in the kitchen. Preparation, clean-up, it’s all time consuming and while you could be working on your novel or business plan, you are too caught up making vegan curry.

3. You Feel Like You Are Always Food Shopping

Since most vegans eat a diet heavy in perishable plant items, you find that you’re at the grocery store a lot more often than once a week. By limiting your purchases in attempts not to waste produce, you have upped your shopping time significantly.

4. You’re Cheating On Your Vegan Diet For Convenience

Maybe one of the most guilt inducing of them all, you are occasionally dabbling into fish, meat or dairy due to convenience. Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to cook, are far away from any establishments carrying vegan food and are both starved for nutrients and time. It’s in these moments of literal weakness that you may grab a chicken sandwich just to get enough blood sugar to continue your day.

5. You Can’t Find Many Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Your Neighborhood

You finally have made terms with the fact that you don’t live in a vegan friendly neighborhood. There are no cafes with raw desserts and no restaurants catering to the cruelty-free eaters. You realize that having a casual dinner with friends or ordering “to-go” food when you’re feeling lazy just isn’t an option.

6. You Have No Idea How to Cook Vegan Meals

OK, you hate to admit it, but you just don’t really understand how to cook delicious vegan food. Sure, you can stir fry some veggies together with rice, but you’ve had that dish a million times and you want to eat something more creative. And, because you’re so busy, you just don’t have time to look through those dusty recipe books you got last Christmas.

7. You Are Turning Into a Vegan Junk Food Addict

Instead of taking the time to prepare healthful vegan meals, you are often taking the easy way out by gorging on vegan junk food. You devour an entire bag of vegan cookies at least once a week in replace of a real lunch.

8. You Are Tired of Eating The Same Things

Since you don’t know how to cook very well and your only option when dining out is French fries, you are becoming extremely sick of eating the same things. You want to get crafty in the kitchen but since you just can’t find the time, you end up eating vegetable soup and bread, yet again.

9. You Wander Around The Grocery Store Aimlessly

Every grocery store visit, you decide to completely wing it. Since you don’t have time to look up recipes, you certainly don’t have time to make a grocery list and instead end up wasting even more time wandering around the grocery store. You think that you will come up with an absolutely genius dinner idea on the spot but you end up with a jar of coconut butter that you have absolutely no idea what to do with when you get it home.

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Want to try a vegan diet?

We created a meal planner app to help you! Get your fresh customized meal plan full of delicious, quick, budget friendly, healthy recipes.