Check Out the Goodies in These Vegan Subscription Boxes

Check Out the Goodies in These Vegan Subscription Boxes

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Veganism is a boon to our planet, but we’d be lying if we said that leading a vegan lifestyle is easy when you live smack dab in the middle of a bunch of omnivores.

Enter vegan subscription boxes, bundles of earth-friendly, cruelty-free products that are accessible to even the busiest of vegans.

Not familiar with any subscription boxes of the vegan variety?

No worries. From snacks to cosmetics, we’ve got the details on some of the most popular vegan subscription boxes.


UrthBox claims to have options for both foodies and product junkies alike. The company, however, does focus more on “foods, beverages, and snacks.”

Urthbox not only boasts a wide variety of products, but it also provides a variety of snack boxes. You can, for example, choose from four sizes: mini, small, medium, and large. As you would expect, the price of each box increases with its size.

If you’re concerned about the price of these snack boxes, we can reassure you that even the largest available box is reasonably priced. As a matter of fact, some of the other vegan subscription boxes on this list give you fewer items for more cash.

As an added bonus, the company also offers gluten-free and diet boxes. All of the products in those boxes, though, aren’t guaranteed to be vegan.

That said, if you’re against purchasing UrthBox’s diet boxes, you can try some of these vegan meals for weight loss.

Healthy Surprise

Like Urthbox’s, Healthy Surprise’s vegan subscription boxes are chock full of snacks. If you visit the company’s site, you can view a list of snack options which includes “fruits,” “veggies,” “chips,” “nuts,” and somehow even “kale.”

Looks like kale strikes again.

Healthy Surprise claims that its products are “natural” and free of wheat, corn, soy, GMOs, and gluten. Even their Paleo Box, which is not vegan, meets these standards.

As awesome as the company’s subscription boxes are, we have to admit that its products are pricier than some of the others we’ve listed here. Even their smallest box, for instance, will run you more than 40 dollars. Their largest vegan box costs upward of 75 dollars.

Fortunately, Healthy Surprise has a store in which you can buy individual snacks, toiletries, and scented products. Some of these products, though, don’t appear to be vegan, so you might want to contact a representative before purchasing them.

Art of Organics

The first beauty box on our list comes from Art of Organics.

Art of Organics is a company that promotes clean beauty by “connecting people with the cleanest, most effective and luxe beauty products in existence.”

An Art of Organics beauty box “contains a themed collection of 2-4 full size, carefully chosen organic, natural, non-toxic and cruelty free products.”

To be fair here, though, “cruelty-free” doesn’t necessarily translate to “vegan.” Further still, if you do your research, you’ll find that not all of the products are vegan.

Still, Art of Organics does have some vegan products. You can even purchase some of these products individually. From nail polish to eye shadow, we think that you’ll find yourself satisfied with what the company has to offer.

There is, however, a downside to purchasing a beauty box from this vendor: Prices are steep.

A single box will run you about 40 bucks. If you want to buy a subscription, though, you’ll have to pay for multiple months’ worth of boxes all at once.

A 3-month subscription costs over 100 dollars, a 6-month subscription over 200, and a 12-month subscription a whopping 400 dollars.


With a brand name like “TheVeganKind,” this vendor, unlike a couple of the previous ones, no doubt prioritizes vegan products. In other words, their vegan subscription boxes are totally..well…vegan subscription boxes.

Not only that, but the company sells both lifestyle boxes and beauty boxes. The monthly lifestyle boxes are essentially snack boxes, and they cost 10 euros.

Don’t let the currency discourage you. Worldwide delivery is available in the case of the lifestyle boxes.

The beauty boxes, on the other hand, are only available for delivery in the UK.

That said, if you’re a vegan who resides within the UK, go ahead and spend 15 euros on one of TheVeganKind’s beauty boxes. Keep in mind that theses boxes are only delivered quarterly.

As you’ve noticed, TheVeganKind’s subscription boxes are on the cheap side. Furthermore, if you find the boxes lackluster, there is “no minimum subscription period” according to the vendor, so “you are free to cancel at any time.”


If you take a look around Kloverbox’s website, you’ll find some non-vegan products. Fortunately, Kloverbox is honest about which products are vegan and which ones are not.

Despite the fact that not everything in the company’s subscription box is vegan, many of the products are listed as vegan. These products range from jewelry to edible goods.

The February Kloverbox, for example, features a vegan oil mixture called “Foot Love.” The mixture apparently helps you soften those “cracked heels.” The box also includes some vegan (also gluten-free) chocolate truffles.

Unfortunately, though, there doesn’t seem to be an option to buy the vegan products separately right now.

A monthly subscription to clover box is only 25 dollars. Their 3-month and 6-month subscriptions, however, allow you to save money if you’re thinking of purchasing a beauty box on the monthly basis.

While Kloverbox has a nice selection of vegan beauty products, you should take notice of the fact that the vendor automatically renews your subscription.

We’re not “throwing shade” at Kloverbox, but you’re going to want to protect your bank account from that auto renewal.

Love Goodly

Love Goodly’s vegan subscription boxes are some of the more popular ones on this list. We’d wager that the variety of products the company offers is the source of their popularity. These products range from oil mixes and body butters to sprouted cookies.

Like TheVeganKind’s products, Love Goodly’s selection of items is vegan.

And “curated with love,” assuming that this type of thing is important to you.

The price of one of Love Goodly’s bi-monthly boxes is about 30 dollars. As you can see, the price is on par with many of the other options we’ve discussed thus far.

If 30 dollars is still too steep for you, you can just buy their products individually on their site. We must warn you, however, that some of the products you find in the online store cost much more than the subscription box.

Vegan Cuts

Vegan Cuts is another vendor that’s popular for its vegan subscription boxes, and for good reason. Vegan Cuts has snack boxes, beauty boxes, makeup boxes, low prices, and no auto-renewal.

Emphasis on the “no auto renewal.”

The company promises you “10 or more goodies per box.” Past snack boxes have included foods such as vegan eggs, pastries, and peanut butter cups.

Oh, and shipping is free if you live in the United States.

Past beauty boxes have come with items such as cleansing balms and facial sponges. Instead of 10 products, these boxes come with “4-7 products” per box. The company promises that the products are “mostly full-size” and that the boxes don’t contain any “single-use sample sachets.”

Unlike the snack and beauty boxes, makeup boxes are delivered quarterly. They contain “4 full-size makeup products per box” and “focus on organic & natural makeup.”

As we mentioned before, the boxes are cheap. A monthly subscription for a snack box or beauty box costs 23 dollars, a 6-month subscription 120 dollars, and a 12-month subscription 222 dollars.

A quarterly subscription for a makeup box costs 40 dollars if you live in the united States.

Petit Vour

According to the company’s F.A.Q. page, a “petit vour” is a “small, cruelty-free luxury” that is “non-toxic, vegan, and ethically made.” Translations aside, Petit Vour’s “Frenglish” name is bound to make you feel sophisticated.

While Petit Vour only sells beauty boxes, there is no denying that their luxury products are fabulous. Vour sells everything from makeup and moisturizers to shampoos and deodorants. They also sell handbags, home goods, and jewelry.

In other words, Petit Vour is almost every vegan girl’s dream.

Despite the heaven that is Petit Vour, some of the products are expensive if purchased individually.

The Petit Vour beauty box, however, will only cost you 15 dollars a month. The samples you receive are “generously sized” and “sometimes full-sized,” so the box is a real bargain.

The beauty boxes are also tailored to your personal tastes since the selection of products in the boxes is “curated to match your beauty profile.

Other Vegan Subscription Boxes

While we’ve put together a pretty decent list of vegan subscription boxes here, we are of the mind that purely vegan subscription boxes are in short supply.

Some of the boxes we listed are not, after all, entirely vegan.

Oh, and if you don’t find many of the options for snack boxes we listed affordable, don’t sweat it. We know that money, unlike some of our favorite vegan foods, doesn’t grow on trees.

For this reason, we’ve already put together a list of vegan foods that will help you maintain your vegan lifestyle on a budget.

If you know about any other vegan snack boxes or beauty boxes, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let us know about them.

Even if you don’t have a new suggestion, drop a comment and tell us what you think about the boxes we’ve listed.

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Want to try a vegan diet?

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