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Cabbage and Tofu Quinoa Stir Fry

Cabbage and Tofu Quinoa Stir Fry

Calling out all the kitchen newbies! Today's recipe is perfect if you're getting started in the cooking ordeal. We are making a cabbage and tofu quinoa stir fry that you won't believe how easy it is to make considering how delicious it actually is. 

If you're not a newbie you join in the fun as well. You know those long days when you get home crazy hungry and all you want to do is eat but you don't want to slip off the vegan/healthy wagon? This quinoa stir fry will keep you in line. 

I really wanted to share this recipe with you because it really has been a gateway to the kitchen for many people. It’s very simple, you only need 7 ingredients, it’s ready in 25 minutes, and it’s super tasty. 

Aside from the practicality of our quinoa stir fry, we also have the nutrition side of life covered. Our recipe has everything your body needs to stay properly fuelled for hours. In the same bowl, you have complex carbs, protein, healthy fats, and a great load of vitamins and minerals. 

Cabbage and Tofu Quinoa Stir Fry ingredients

Initially, I thought of making this dish with rice but I wanted to keep it light and low calories. Quinoa made more sense and it goes really well with the cabbage and the soy sauce. Also, quinoa is a complex carb, and we love that. It will give you a steady stream of energy for a while and you'll feel full for longer. 

 A lot of people dislike quinoa due to its particular bitter flavour. It can be overpowering but I have a trick that can take care of that. All you have to do is rinse the quinoa thoroughly under the faucet. Use a small sieve so the quinoa doesn't go everywhere and move it around to make sure every bit gets a good rinse. 

What we are doing here is getting rid of a substance called saponin. A bitter substance that covers the husk of the quinoa seeds and protects it from being eaten by birds.

Yeah, quinoa is a seed and not a grain. Mind blown! 

chopped cabbage and tofu

A bit of saponin goes a long way! Even when the husk has been removed from the seed, if there is any saponin left on the quinoa, the bitterness will remain. We'll just rinse it off and is fair game.

To keep the things simple but still have flavourful meal, we are frying the cabbage and tofu with sesame oil and adding a bit of soy sauce. Two pro tips to make your stir fry perfect:

  • Don't overcook the cabbage, you'll end up with a soggy mess. 
  • To avoid using extra oil, don't stir the quinoa with the cabbage, serve it on the side. 

There it is the easiest quinoa stir fry ever! If you want to take your cooking game up a notch I recommend making another stir fry, something simple like the Baby Bok Choy Quinoa Stir Fry recipe we made a few weeks ago. Another easy and delicious meal!

Cabbage and Tofu Quinoa Stir Fry top down

Prep time
5 minutes
Total time
Category: Lunch, Dinner
Serves: 4
Allergens: Quinoa, Soy


For the quinoa

  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 2 cups water

For the vegetable

  • 9½ oz firm tofu (diced)
  • 2 tablespoons sesame seeds (roasted)
  • 4 tbsps soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil
  • 8 oz white cabbage (sliced)


  1. Cook the quinoa until the water is all absorbed (around 15-20 minutes).
  2. Use a big skillet and roast the tofu from all sides until golden brown for about 10-15 minutes on medium heat together with the sesame oil.
  3. Add the cabbage and the soy sauce and fry everything for another 5-10 minutes.
  4. Mix everything with the quinoa and adjust taste.
  5. For serving sprinkle the sesame seeds on top, enjoy.

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