7 Vegan Skincare Items for Beautiful, Cruelty-Free Skin

7 Vegan Skincare Items for Beautiful, Cruelty-Free Skin

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If you love the lifestyle you probably already know the amazing results you can achieve with a vegan diet. Whether you are enjoying more energy or a flatter stomach there is little doubt that going vegan promotes overall wellness and a healthy life.

Celebrities, health advocates, and even former US presidents are going vegan. And beyond the basic nutritional benefits, most people recognize more vibrant skin as a byproduct of vegan eating.

But did you know you can also enjoy the benefits of the healthy lifestyle when choosing your skincare products? Vegan skincare is a must for anyone who wants to look and feel great inside and out.

Not sure where to start? Here are 7 Vegan skincare lines you’ll love using:

1. Youth To The People

Get ready to thank us. If you haven’t tried Youth To The People, it might be the perfect boost for your vegan skincare regimen.

The products are made of cold pressed extracts and promise 100% vegan to all their customers. The family owned company boasts generations of skincare enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

And if you are concerned that your selections will be limited when changing to vegan products there’s no need to worry. Youth To The People offers serums, masks, cleansers, and a full range of products to help you look your best.

Youth To The People goes the extra mile with vegan skincare. They offer no animal testing, no fragrance, no parabens, and 100% recycled packaging.

Ethical choices don’t always come so easy or look so good.

2. SkinOwl

For some of us, vegan skincare means purity and simplicity. In that respect, it is tough to beat the focus and craft of SkinOwl when it comes to skincare products.

It can be difficult to make the change and let go of those skincare products you’ve been using forever. SkinOwl has a great answer for vegans who are looking to change but don’t know where to begin.

We love their Skincare Scanner that provides a personalized quiz to help you update your beauty regimen.

SkinOwl is also dedicated to promoting greater self-care. The combination of fast results and a total approach make their product a perfect fit.

3. Soothe-me

If you’ve struggled with sensitive skin and juggled skincare products over the years it may be time to give sooth-me skincare a try.

So many people move from cleanser to cremes. They feel like they finally have an answer only to be plagued by a return of problem areas.

Eczema and Rosacea are no match for the soothe-me skincare line. Also, their products are great for babies with dry skin and pregnant women, and for those who love eco sustainable luxury! The range is 100% plant-based award winning skincare,

Utilizing essential oils, soothe-me products help skin cells regenerate. Younger, healthier skin is achievable by using these products.

Their founder created soothe-me to help her own son’s sensitive skin. The result is an award-winning product line that helps even the most stubborn skin types to look great.


Beauty is authentic. That’s at the heart of the KYPRIS product line of vegan skincare.

Providing a great alternative to the 100,000 industrial chemicals that are on the beauty market today, KYPRIS is focused on sustainability and uses vegan ingredients for their products.

Their beauty elixirs, serums, and concentrates let users apply a few drops of their specially formulated products for great results. You can discover more about KYPRIS by taking a quiz on your own routine and learning more about how to get started.

Their vegan skincare products are all sealed in glass. With a constant focus on sensuality and the goddess Aphrodite, KYPRIS promises ecstatic beauty.

5. UMA Oils

Vegan and luxury are a part of every UMA Oils purchase. One reason for the hype is that UMA Oils deliver results.

Fewer wrinkles, visible changes to brightness and clarity, and repairs to skin damage are all part and parcel of this organic skincare line.

They have both beauty and wellness products that complement one another in creating overall health and beautiful skin for their legions of repeat customers.

In addition, UMA Oils is invested in ethical governance. Over 50% of their employees are women.

They boast age-old secrets for all of their products. Rather than presenting luxury as a brand or label, UMA presents the theory of luxury in every drop of their products.

Due to a long line of artisans and a continuing tradition of results the UMA products combine traditional approaches with a contemporary focus on botanical ingredients.

UMA dispells the myth that sustainable and luxury can’t be combined with vegan skincare.

6. PLANT Apothecary

Healthy ingredients, environmental friendliness, and social responsibility form the foundation stones of PLANT Apothecary. Started by a husband and wife team in 2012, the Brooklyn-based company offers Unisex products.

Moisturizers, masks, and cleansers are a few of the products that PLANT offers to create more beautiful skin. They use USDA Certified Organic products wherever possible and use the history of skincare treatments as the basis for their blends.

Bar soaps, bodywashes, and body oils are also part of PLANT’s offerings. They have gift sets available too.

Their product names alone are enough to get our attention and keep us coming back for more. BE WELL, GET HAPPY, and GET IT ON are all pieces of the PLANT product line.

The New York sensibility and Brooklyn feel provides a great blend of in your face directness and beautiful results. You’ll have the glamour of Manhattan and the sensibilities of Park Slope with this ethical product line.

7. Eminence

Eminence Organic Skincare is a company that wins awards, enjoys celebrity endorsements, and invests in giving back.

Their ingredients aren’t just vegan. They are also hand-picked as part of the manufacturing process.

In addition, Eminence includes environmental sustainability in their corporate governance. They use solar and wind power for the processes.

They also plant a tree for every product that they sell.

Eminence looks great too. Celebrities from Channing Tatum to Madonna sing the praises of their products.

Their product lines are often the stars of any spa they are stocked in. Their combination of ethics, endorsements, and results are hard to beat.

Go Beyond Cruelty-Free With Vegan Skincare

One thing that can be confusing for consumers is the difference between vegan skincare products and cruelty-free.

Not all cruelty-free products are vegan. For those of us who choose the vegan lifestyle as part of treating all creatures more ethically, it’s important to move beyond cruelty-free.

Cruelty-free products can still use milk or honey in their creation. As all of us know, becoming vegan and maintaining a vegan lifestyle requires diligence at times.

All of us need to study the labels and the products we choose. Move beyond cruelty-free when you choose vegan.

You’ll be absorbing plant based materials alone. Plus, you can fight inflammation and help develop a sustainable planet for future generations.

Take In The Best

Did you know your skin absorbs up to 60% of the products we place on it? Take a look at the back of one of your traditional skincare products and you’re bound to find ingredients that look like chemical equations.

All of that junk is being absorbed into your body. Beyond the ethical benefits of a lifestyle shift to vegan skincare your whole body will thank you.

Vegan dieters will want to focus on their skincare products too. It’s not enough to be careful with your nutrition choices.

What you put on your skin is also absorbed into your system. Taking in the best healthy products means using vegan products for your skin as well.

Cut Down on Inflammation

One of the most frustrating aspects of skincare is the constant battle against inflammation. We pick beauty and skincare lines to look younger and more healthy.

But sometimes the products we use to look better are actually the problem. Using skincare products that are vegan will cut down on inflammation.

You don’t have to worry about making the problem worse any longer. The NIH points out that plant based products have anti-inflammatory effects.

If you are seeing a lot of redness, blotchy skin, and puffiness then vegan skincare is your answer. Your skin is trying to tell you it is time to make a change for the better.

Healthy Skin and Healthy Planet

You won’t just look great from eating delicious vegan recipes or using the best in vegan skincare. All of us who practice the vegan lifestyle can feel great too!

In addition to the health and wellness benefits of practicing a vegan lifestyle are the benefits to the environment and the world as a whole.

Your lifestyle requires fewer greenhouse emissions, conserves water, and delivers cleaner air. The only thing better than looking and feeling great is being a conscious consumer while you do so.

Every day we spend practicing a vegan lifestyle is a day we leave a better planet for future generations. It’s one of many reasons more and more people are becoming vegan every year.

Invest in that diet plan too! You’ll be helping the global community while you achieve great health.

Click here to see more reasons why a vegan lifestyle is good for the whole planet.

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